Friday, March 16, 2012

Cat's FAQ's

This little blog is kind of a fun project sometimes. I stay really, really busy -- especially with my work projects -- so it's always kind of interesting and nice to see that people still remember this is here well enough to ask about it once in a while. It also picks up the occasional new follower or two now and then. I find that encouraging to say the least.

I'm always full of ideas for things I want to start or focus on a little bit more over certain periods and this year, I definitely want to focus more on spiritual counseling stuff, as well as astrology than I have in the past. It sort of resonates with me via a different frequency than some of my everyday writing and art stuff does which is definitely a positive.

One thing I want to do more often for sure is write more information-based material for this particular blog, as I assume most of my newer followers are latching on because they want to learn more about how some of these things work and less because they want to hear me babbling about my own spiritual beliefs.

However, some things friends and readers ask me about a lot have to do with how this stuff works, where I sit spiritually speaking, and why I actually believe in any of this or spend any time on it since I seem to be pretty pragmatic most of the time. I think the fact that I don't seem like your typical moon puppy must intrigue people because many seem genuinely surprised when they ask me if I'm religious and I go "yeah, I guess I'm a pagan" or I randomly insert something about astrology into everyday conversation along the lines of "well, what do you expect from a Sagittarius".

I still don't have my stand-alone info pages set up here, so perhaps we'll just do a brief personal FAQ post for now. That may help people to better understand me from a personal angle, since I don't recall having made many super-personal posts here yet.


How did you get into paganism? Were you raised that way?

Officially speaking, I consider myself to be spiritual as opposed to religious. I also consider myself to be without label if you want to get down to brass tacks. However, I often do simply refer to myself as a pagan because it's easier than going into details no one cares about in regards to what I do and don't believe. Generalized paganism -- and sometimes Wicca in particular -- has enough similarities to what I personally believe in my heart of hearts that I almost consider my beliefs to be a variant of it. For that reason, I do not mind being referred to as a pagan blogger or even as a witch. Both are true in a manner of speaking.

No, I was not raised pagan, nor did I ever have any pagan friends growing up. No one "got me into this" or turned me on to it. My dad considers himself to be Christian and my mom is... non-denominational/non-spiritual, I guess, so my parents had nothing to do with this. I've just always had these very unique beliefs that didn't seem to be shared by anyone else I knew and when I learned about paganism when I got older, I discovered that my beliefs already kind of had a name. That was really comforting in a way.

What role does astrology play in your life?

Although I have -- here and there -- written about astrology or done some astrology-related freelance work, I'd say it's best described as tied in to my spiritual belief system, one reason why I tend to talk about both astrology and pagan-based belief systems in the same breath. I am not one of those people who won't leave the house if my horoscope says I shouldn't (and that's really not how astrology works anyway, but that's another post for another day). However, I do use it frequently as a tool to help me assess situations and make decisions.

I find astrology to be especially helpful when it comes to the following things and if I've been talking about conclusions I've come to in any of these arenas, it's probably a safe bet that astrology was at least part of the process.
  • Trying to understand myself better and getting to the bottom of why I'm so conflicted as a person in certain ways, what motivates me, and how best I can proceed in regards to a given situation.
  • Better understanding what makes other people tick, as well as why I do or don't get along with them the way that I do.
  • Anything to do with life purpose, where I or anyone else should be headed in that regard, and how best we should go about getting there.
  • As a sort of weather report to help predict trends and plan ahead much the same way you would want to know to bring an umbrella if it's likely to rain.
Astrology has actually done a great deal to help me begin making some progress in life, both personally and professionally, so I only wish that I'd gotten more serious about a little sooner. If you know me well in any capacity, then it is really impossible for you not to have heard me discussing it nearly daily. 

Do you believe in God, the afterlife, or anything else along those lines?

Yes, I'm a believer. I think it's misleading to say I believe in any specific God (or gods), but I do believe indubitably in a higher power in control of this universe. It's a power I aim to serve faithfully to the best of my ability. I also believe in the afterlife, although I would say it's more accurate to say I believe in the likelihood of certain possibilities, as opposed to any specific picture of what that looks like.

In addition to this, I believe in energy exchange, energy flow, and the "tapping into" of energy to help heal people, bring things you want or need to you, and influence events (kind of, anyway). I believe in karma as well, so I strongly believe that you need to watch yourself when looking to do anything like this. Lastly, I believe that we're all a lot more similar than we naturally tend to think on the surface. I truly wish more people knew that.

Do you believe in ghosts, demons, or angels?

Yes to all three in a manner of speaking. Maybe if you're lucky, I'll tell you some of my super-cool stories someday. At the very least, I think it's safe to say that I might make posts about those subjects in general.

But aren't you into science as well? How do you justify being spiritual if you also believe in science?

Easy! I don't believe the two actually contradict one another at all. If anything, I think they back one another up quite seamlessly. However, I will really need to explain that in more detail -- and probably piece by piece -- in the future, as it's not the sort of thing I can make clear in a few sentences. Really, it is such discussions that originally inspired me to open this blog, so those discussions are something I look forward to.