Thursday, June 9, 2016

On Transiting Saturn

I'd been slacking on keeping up with planetary transits and personal horoscopes for a while, but lately, I've been making it a point to keep track again. Since I learned so much more about it years ago, astrology has been immensely helpful when it comes to managing my life. When I'm not really keeping up with it the way I normally would, I feel like my inner compass isn't really getting all the guidance that it's used to. I feel ready to get back to recording what's going on in my life as they relate to the forces at work the way I used to way back when.

Apparently Saturn is transiting my 10th house of honors right now and it will be doing that until December of 2017. Among other things, this aspect brings with it a greater focus on career and overall life path. I would say that explains a lot, as I've been more serious about and focused on work-related things than I normally would be. I'd typically be more wary of a Saturn-based aspect like this one, as Saturn and I never really agreed on what's best for me or my life in the past, but so far the whole thing's been quite positive. 

A lot has been changing in regards to my professional life lately without me having to force it. I've actually been doing copywriting work that's in line with my real passions for a change -- something I've been fighting for for years, but could never quite make happen. For instance, I have been writing menu and restaurant copy for a major restaurant chain. I've also been producing loads of content for a publishing house that specializes in regional history and local interest books. I'm still not always raring to work or anything, but I've been feeling a lot more invested in the work I'm doing because of the changes in subject matter. These are industries and topics I really truly care about and with which I feel proud to be involved.

I've also been exposed to lots and lots of possible publishing opportunities for my personal work lately. And they're paying opportunities attached to generous sums. Admittedly, I have yet to actually sit down and do much about them, but I've never had an actual list of paying outlets to consider before either. With such an overabundance of paying copywriting work out there, I've never felt like I could justify blowing much of my "writing energy" on opportunities that don't pay. It felt self-indulgent and like kind of a waste of time. 

The possibility of actually being paid for fiction, poetry, or personal essays changes that state of affairs considerably. I feel like I have permission to actually spend time on those things again and this whole Saturn transit thing makes me feel like I should. Mars will be out of retrograde on June 26, so that should help considerably with actually drive, motivation, and energy as well.
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